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Concrete Myths featured in art critic Tabish Khan's 'Top 5 Art Exhibitions to see in London'

Concrete Myths featured in's '5 Unique Art Exhibitions in London'

Concrete Myths featured in Wall Street International magazine

"...Ross Brown’s ‘Glass House’ reminded me of J G Ballard’s 'The Drowned World' somehow, with jungle-like foliage seeming to spread in from the outside of the canvas..."

Griffin Art Prize review by Emily Speed, a-n Reviews Unedited, December 2012

"Livingston, Scotland’s fourth designated New Town is the venue for the two-man exhibition Utopia in Retrospect. Situated between Glasgow and Edinburgh and celebrating it’s 50th year in 2012, Livingston is an appropriate place to consider utopian ideals. Born in the mid-twentieth century when architects and town planners promised new and better designs for living “Make it in Livingston” is the slogan for this particular town...

The Hacienda is a seductive image, which both invites and holds at a distance. Is this the infamous Manchester dance club once jam-packed full of 24-hour party people during the 1990s? If so, then Ross M Brown’s evocation of the present emptiness of this space has a melancholy similar to that of the 18th-century French romantic painter Jean Watteau’s painting Pilgrimage to Cythera . In the painting Watteau pictures a group of young people embarking on a trip to Cythera, the mythical island of love – a destination which is impossible to arrive at."

an Magazine, p31, June 2012

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London Evening Standard, 15/10/2010

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"...While Livingstone's paintings were deeply intuitive, those of Duncan of Jordanstone graduate Ross Brown were of a far more conceptual nature. His romantic landscapes of derelict urban wastelands were cut through with scratchy graffiti-like markings, leaving clear only their cool reflections in puddles of water. Loch House, an unpeopled building site, was a mass of interconnecting timbers, all pointing towards a blank end wall that refused to become a point of focus. There was plenty food for thought in these paintings, but also a poised and unexpected beauty."

RSA New Contemporaries review, 'an' magazine, April 2009


"...Ross Brown graduated with a first class honours from Dundee's Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art last year. He received the Linda Clark Nolan/Rendezvous Gallery Landscape Award at the last ever RSA student exhibition in 2008. As part of that prize, he took up a residency on the Isle of Lewis last summer. Brown's work for his degree show focused on landscape which is littered with wasteland and abandoned structures: “The wasteland is used within my work as a vehicle reflecting the difficulty associated with establishing a sense of place within a landscape that is in a constant state of flux”. Brown's paintings are almost filmic in their perspective, conjuring up a dystopian fragile beauty.”

- 'Homes and Interiors Scotland' magazine Jan/Feb 2009


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